I’m like 87% sure even the Tal-Vashoth in DA2 collared their Saarebas?? This Qunari mage origin is looking a lil gappy??

I don’t remember the Tal-Vashoth having Saarebas but I’m not sure. It wouldn’t make much sense since Tal-Vashoth completely reject the Qun so I can’t see why they would follow the Qun’s rules on collaring and chaining mages.

They were collared in DA2, when you had to defeat the Tal-Vashoth outlaws for Javaris in Black Powder Promise there was a Saarabas there that was still chained up.




When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


The longer that gif went on, the more I laughed/cried. 

And when you find the rare actor who actually joins in, that’s when you get scared. :p


Why oh why do they tempt us like this!



a dalish elf sent from their clan to gather information getting sucked into the war and trying to be like ‘inQUISITOR? im really sorry but i gotta be home by midnight so good luck with this whole rift thing…….’

"my keeper says i gotta come home right now immediately"


Imagine in Inquisition, Varric yells “How many have you got Hawke?”, noticing they didn’t reply, he looks around only to realize that he’s not with Hawke anymore.




*white middle class feminist voice* i cANnIT BRLEIve pEOplE SUpPOrT JoHN GreEN!!¡!¡! REaL CancER PatieNtS HatE HiMMM!!
*me, and literally all of my chemo/radiation/checkup group friends sigh loudly and roll into sun*

I mean he’s definitely not perfect but the good definitely outweigh the bad.

And any time he usually does fuck up, he acknowledges whatever it is that he said or did that was problematic, learns from it, and moves the fuck on.

I think one of the worst parts of tumblr, if you say something, do something, or act on something that they deem wrong. You’re automatically the scum of the earth even if you apologize and acknowledge the fact that you are wrong.

fight the power!
The thought of this being printed by that printer makes this all the better